Party Cups and Pails - Funky Party Bag Idea for Kids

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Party Cups and Pails - Funky Party Bag Idea for Kids

How many uninspired party bags do your kids receive? We have an idea that will give you funky and memorable party bags that every parent will want to copy!

Our plastic party cups and mugs are reusable and fit perfectly inside our 127mm x 296mm cellophane party bags. We have put our recommended cellophane bags in the category alongside the cups so you can be sure they fit. There's a great range of designs and colours to choose from.

You can adapt the theme of the cup to suit the theme of your party. Some of the designs can be bought individually making this idea a great gift too! You could also make these cups as party game prizes or as a gift for the birthday child.

You could also try this idea with tin or plastic pails. They'd look brilliant at a beach themed party!

We've selected a few of the products that we used in our examples below, but you can also view our full range of party cups, pails and mugs.

Need some help? Watch our step-by-step video below.

  1. In our example, we used sweets - which cost only 75p for each cup. Long sweets like mallow sticks and chew bars are perfect as they add height to the cup, making it look more full! You could pack these cups to almost any value, by just adjusting what you add inside.
  2. You could add pencils, pens and party stationery or perhaps some themed party favours. Take a look at our range of party favours for inspiration.
  3. To complete the effect, just add some curling ribbon - the more the better, we have kept to a small amount in our examples so that you could still see the contents!
  4. You could also use tin pails. We have a huge range of designs and colours for you to choose from. Tin pails are great for wedding favours as they look more sophisticated than plastic cups. They would also be great for any event where there is a vintage theme, it all depends on the design you choose.
  5. You could decorate the tin pails with gems, glitter glue and other craft supplies to create personalised gifts.