Photo Frame Rocketship Bauble Craft for Kids and Adults To Create

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Photo Frame Rocketship Bauble Craft for Kids and Adults To Create

Our Father's Day photo rocket is a great craft for the kids to create with the aid of an adult. It is a craft that contains some tricky elements but it is worth the effort to produce a unique personalised gift that can be forever cherished.

You can use Dad's favourite colours for your rocket and add a photo that will keep him smiling every time it catches his eye, this may be one of the kids or of Dad, or everyone! Your rocketship crew is completely up to you!

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  1. Cut a piece of black foam slightly larger than the 160mm plastic egg front opening. Apply silicone glue to the foam edges and glue to the inside of the front opening, you want the foam to be approximately 1 cm away from the opening's edge so when inserting a photograph's edges the gap will hold it in place. If this is a little tricky cover the opening with foam but dont worry about leaving a gap, instead when inserting photographs into the front keep them in place using removable glue dots.
  2. Put the two egg halves together, to make it more secure you can use a little silicone glue to stick the halve together permanently.
  3. Paint the egg using metallic silver acrylic paint. You may need to give your rocket egg more than one coat of paint for an even finish.
  4. Carefully edge the plastic egg opening with red paint. Also paint the small end of the egg red for the rocket nose. If you want add a small red ring for a porthole.
  5. Cut two rocket fins from the red thick foam. Glue to either side of the egg, we used silicone glue.
  6. Once the glue is dry you can edge the rocket fins, nose and the opening red border with black permanent marker. Add a few dots or circles to give the impression of bolts holding your rocket ship together.
  7. Choose a great photo and cut it slightly bigger than the rocket opening, gently ease your photo into the front and now your rocket has its own personalised crew!