Pokemon Inspired Mini Christmas Baubles

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Pokemon Inspired Mini Christmas Baubles

This simple yet effective Pokemon inspired craft idea will delight kids of all ages and Pokemon loving adults too!

Using small two part plastic baubles you can create these mini bauble charms inspired by your favourite Pokemon. 

The charm can then by attached with waxed cord, to school bags, pencil cases and more.

Older kids can use longer lengths of waxed cord to create a necklace and add as many mini Pokemon inspired bauble charms that they wish.

This craft is great for kids of all ages as it is very easy to create.

  1. Pick 25mm pom poms in the appropriate colour for you favourite Pokemon, put one or two inside of a 30mm two part plastic bauble. The 40mm two part plastic baubles require 35mm pom poms.
  2. Using a permanent marker, draw on the Pokemon's eyes, nose and mouth. For Pikachu style rosy cheeks use a standard hole punch on red card or paper to create small circles and then stick them on using glue dots. (An alternative to using a hole punch to make small circles is using self adhesive jewels and gems).
  3. For a Pokeball inspired mini charm, insert one red and one white pom pom inside the bauble (red on top), then draw a black line around the circumference of the bauble using a black permanent marker. As with the Pikachu style cheeks, use a hole punch to create small white circles of card or paper and use a glue dot to attach it to the drawn black line. Draw around the white circle to complete the Pokeball inspired mini charm.
  4. Finish the charm by attaching a length of waxed cord, you can addd jingle bells if you like or leave them as they are!

Our mini bauble charm craft can make a perfect gift or kids party craft for them to make and take home.
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