Polystyrene Shapes & Styrofoam for Crafts

All About Styrofoam

Q: What is styrofoam?
A: Styrofoam is another name given to polystyrene shapes used for craft purposes. There is no difference in product or quality. We only sell best quality styrofoam shapes.

Q: Do you sell any other polystyrene or styrofoam shapes?
A: Oh yes, indeed we do! We sell an extensive range of styrofoam shapes for craft projects, ideal for both children and adults. You can view our full range in our craft supplies shop.

Q: How do you measure polystyrene shapes?
A: We normally state whether the dimensions given are the width or the height. All measurements are taken as if the shape were flat. Therefore, a 120mm wide ball would be 120mm wide if you cut it in half and measured across the cut side or face NOT around the outside. We do not supply the circumference, as this generally adds very little value and can be confusing for most customers.

Q: Are the shapes hollow?
A: All of our styrofoam is solid, unless it specifically and clearly states that it's hollow.  The hollow shapes tend to be the giant two part balls and eggs.  Other items such as bells are often hollow by design.

Q: Are the shapes flat backed?
A: All shapes are 3D and shaped front and back, unless specifically and clearly stated otherwise. We do sell some flat backed shapes but this will be stated in the description and/or the heading.

Q: How can I paint Polystyrene?
A: We have some guidelines on painting polystyrene in our inspiration pages.

Q: How can I hang polystyrene shapes up?
A: We sell a great range of hanging hooks that have been designed specifically for styrofoam. They are perfect for this purpose.

Q: I'm making sweet trees - any suggestions?
A: Why not take a look at our sweet tree inspiration pages?