Spooky Eyes - Halloween Bauble Craft Idea

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Spooky Eyes - Halloween Bauble Craft Idea

Give everyone a fun fright with our easy to make spooky eye bauble craft idea!

This is a great Halloween idea for kids and adults, of all crafting abilites. It's simple to make and can be mess free!

Kids will love giving friends and family a fun fright with our spooky eye idea, and they look great as a decoration too.

Click the How To tab for instructions and enjoy displaying your spooky Halloween eyes to surprise visiting trick or treaters!

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Polystyrene Spooky Eye Baubles:

  1. Pick which size polystyrene balls you would like to use. We used assorted sizes, 40mm, 60mm & 50mm. We also used 75mm UFO discs.
  2. Using a red permanent marker draw squiggly lines all over the surface of the polystyrene ball or UFO.
  3. Stick on self adhesive googly eyes or use glue dots to attach googly eyes. We used Jumbo Wobbly Eye Stickers on the UFO discs as a mess free option.
  4. If you are hanging your spooky eyes, add a plastic hanging hook and some thread.
  5. For an extra scary touch we added some red tissue paper to some of our spooky eyes. Take a square of red tissue paper and glue the corners to the eye around the googly eye. Twist the rest of the tissue together at the back to form a tendril and it's done!

Spooky Eye Plastic Baubles:

  1. Pick a plastic bauble size. We used 50mm Two-Part Plastic Fillable Baubles with Divider Card and 60mm two-part plastic fillable baubles.
  2. If you have baubles with a divider card: glue or stick googly eyes, or use wobbly eye stickers, to the centre of the divider card, you can put them on both sides or just one. If the bauble does not have a divider card: use the bauble as a template and trace around the edge of one side on some white card or paper. Cut out the circle and then add eyes as before.
  3. Use a red felt tip or permanent marker pen to add wiggly red lines around the edge of the googly eye or sticker.
  4. Insert the divider into the bauble and put the sides together. You could add other spooky things, like plastic spiders, small treats or glitter before closing your eye bauble up!
  5. Attach some thread and hang them up for a spooky display!