Wood To Decopatch

Decopatch & Decoupage Wood To Decopatch

Something Different!

Something Different!
Some of our favourite unusual wooden shapes and items!

Children's Toys

Children's Toys
Bring back your childhood with these wooden kids toys to decorate.

Bird Houses
Wooden bird houses for crafts and decoration.

Blackboards to decorate and chalk to use on them.

Wooden bodies for making people and animals.

Wooden boxes of all shapes and sizes, ready to decorate!

Christmas Shapes

Christmas Shapes
Wooden Christmas and festive shapes and items for crafts.

Crates & Fruit Boxes
Wooden crates and fruit boxes for decorating and storing.

Wooden crosses for Christian themed crafts.

Wooden shapes for Easter crafts, great selection!


Wooden frames and picture frames to decorate and display.

Halloween themed wooden shapes for crafts.


Wooden clothes hangers to decorate and use.

Jewellery Boxes
Personalise a wooden jewellery box for a beautiful craft.

Key Cupboards
Keep your keys safe with a key holder that you can decorate yourself.

Letters & Numbers

Letters & Numbers
Wooden letters & numbers can be used for a huge number of crafts.

Lolly Sticks

Lolly Sticks
Wooden lolly sticks, craft sticks and wooden spoons for crafts.

Wooden matchsticks are great for embellishing wood crafts!

Mirrors To Decorate
Wooden framed mirrors to decorate, look great with Decopatch.

Mobile Making
Wooden components and frames for mobile making.

Money Boxes
Great quality wooden money boxes to decorate.

Pencil Pots & Boxes
Wooden pencil pots and boxes, ready to decorate.

Traditional wooden spoons and ice cream spatulas for crafts.

Treasure Chests
Great selection of wooden treasure chests to decorate.

Topper Sticks & Bookmarks
Wooden topper sticks for puppets, bookmarks or plant labels!

Wooden Plaques
Wooden plaques for displaying items. Great for house numbers!

Wooden Shapes
An array of wooden shapes ready to decorate or use as templates.

Wooden Trays
Use these wooden trays for crafts or as decorations.