How to Make our Rudolph Reindeer Cracker Kits

Purchased one of our popular and exclusive Rudolph cracker making kits? Need some help with assembly? Here's some hints and tips to help you out.
There are a variety of kits using the Rudolph design. Some have foam antlers and some have pipe cleaner antlers. Some also have wobbly eyes, pom pom noses and bells. They are designed to stand up but please note, putting heavy items inside will mean they may not stand up.
Here's a short step-by-step video, showing you how to make our cracker kits with wraps. This will take you to the stage of adding any extra eyes/noses/antlers/bells you may have.
Once you have reached this stage (you should have a rolled and tied cracker with a wrap on) you can follow the step by step instructions below the video, depending on the kit you have.

What's Next?

Adding Foam Antlers

Push the foam antlers out of their holder and then use double sided sticky tape to attach the antlers to the top of your crackers.

Adding Wobbly Eyes

Use double sided tape or a tacky glue to attach the eyes over the printed eyes on your wrap or cracker.

Adding Pom Pom Noses

Use double sided tape or a tacky glue to attach the pom pom over the printed nose on your wrap or cracker.

Adding Pipecleaner Antlers

Cut some pipecleaners into small strips and wrap them around a full length pipecleaner to make your antlers.


Twist the long pipecleaner around the top neck of the cracker and arrange into antlers.