Filling Handmade Christmas Crackers

We are often asked, 'Which gifts can I fit inside your Christmas crackers?'. Here is a short video to give you some inspiration for your personalised cracker fillers.
Why not shop our range of cracker fillers and favours? Handily sorted into suitability for mini, standard and jumbo crackers, meaning you know your gift will fit in your chosen cracker.
When assembled, our standard crackers measure approximately 30cm long overall (as they get shorter when assembled) with a 9.5cm long central barrel (11.5cm into the centre of the twist before the handle) and are 5.8cm wide. Small and light gifts are best, we don't something heavy to fly out and hit someone or something when the cracker is pulled. Don't fill your cracker too tightly and ensure that nothing is pressing tightly against the snap, a snap is a little explosive after all!
One common question we get is 'Can I fit an alcohol miniature in the cracker?'
Unfortunately, we've found that the large majority of miniature bottles are slightly too big to fit inside our standard and mini crackers. However, our jumbo and large crackers are able to fit a miniature inside. Just be careful when pulling your cracker as they can be quite heavy!